About Us

“Peace Initiative” is a global journalist network in efforts of facilitating a culture of peace as contribution to conflict resolution and peace building through press freedom and freedom of information stipulated in the UN resolutions and international agreements. Individual journalists and media agencies affiliated with “Peace Initiative” dedicate to spreading news of peace to enhance human rights and protect democracy.

The objective of “Peace Initiative” focuses on
  • International Journalist Network for Peacebuilding to build a network of journalists around the world for the role of media played by them
  • Peace Journalism to enhance peace-related news reports in parts of the globe, provide measures, plans, ideas and policies on resolution of conflict, and avoid the bias in trend of war journalism with the focus of violence.
  • Sharing Information to establish a platform for journalists to disseminate the stories of local, national, and international movements and efforts of peace and stability
  • Public Awareness to raise citizens’ understanding civic activism such as youth/women empowerment and education for global peace
  • Opinion Development by social representatives to produce, discuss and offer peace-related insights with their perspectives and specialties



– Partnership Organizations –










– Steering Committee –

Mr. Igor Shevyrov / Journalist of Izvestia / Ukraine

Mr. Nazeeb Sulayman Ibraheem / Manager Programs  of Globe FM – FRCN Radio Nigeria / Nigeria

Mr. Ghassan El Zaatari / Editor in Chief of Sidonianews / Lebanon

Ms. Marilie Bomediano / Radio Producer&Broadcaster of Radio Rizal 100.9 FM 2BACR / Australia

Mr. Jean de Dieu Munyembabazi / Chief Editor of IGIHE Ltd / Burundi

Mr. Tha Sein / Chief Editor of Myanmar News Agency / Myanmar

Mr. Avtandil Otinashvili / Editor in Chief of Newsday / Georgia

Mr. Bojan Stojkovski / Journalist of Makfax / Macedonia

Mr. Xiufeng  Huang / 中草根文学杂志社 社 / China