Articles of Association

General Rules


Article 1 Title

The name of the association is Peace Initiative.


Article 2 Background

Peace Initiative (PI) is operated through the division of works by HWPL Press Division and journalists who agree to work for Peace Initiative. Suggested by journalists in many parts of the world at the Conference for the Global Peace Media Network in the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit, Peace Initiative is officially launched in September 2018 as a “Peace Media Platform” for the purpose of conflict resolution and settlement of global peace through the expansion of peace journalism.


Article 3 Purpose

Exceeding national borders, ethnicities and religions, Peace Initiative seeks to promote a culture of peace by contribution to conflict resolution and peacebuilding through freedom of information and freedom of press designated in international agreements including UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN resolutions, the Declaration of Windhoek, UN Resolutions and the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) declared by HWPL.


Article 4 Project

To achieve the purpose of Article 3, Peace Initiative carries out the following projects:

  1. Peace-related news report to promote human rights of individual journalists and media organizations and protect democracy
  2. Strengthening a network of journalists around the globe
  3. Peace journalism to spread the coverage of peace news globally, provide measures, plans, ideas and policy suggestions for conflict resolution and avoid biases with the tendency of war journalism focusing on covering violence
  4. Sharing local, national and international trends and news on peace and stability
  5. Promoting activities to enhance citizen awareness of peace such as peace education and related campaigns
  6. Developing opinions based on perspectives and expertise of social representatives to provide and gain insights on peace


Article 5 Qualification

Peace Initiative is composed of the Editorial and Management Departments with general manager.

  1. General manager is responsible for directing and managing tasks of Editorial and Management departments and presiding over the steering committee meetings.
  2. The editorial department is responsible for selecting and editing news articles and columns included in Peace Initiative and for maintaining the website.
  3. The management department is responsible for the strategic planning, consulting and public relations necessary for the operation of Peace Initiative.
  4. The steering committee consists of general manager, members of editorial and management departments. Meetings can be conducted by suggestion from members.
  5. The members of editorial department manage all contents contributed to Peace Initiative.
  6. If necessary, the members of departments and columnists can be qualified and disqualified according to the decisions from the steering committee. The members of editorial committee are appointed by HWPL headquarters in accordance with the operation of Peace Initiative.
  7. The steering committee members are involved in the promotion and operation of Peace Initiative as journalist or related activist who has contribution to the development of Peace Initiative in accordance with the intention of Peace Initiative.
  8. Contributing editors are as a journalist and activist in the related field and advise on providing objective contents in Peace Initiative with expert knowledge of the media.
  9. Columnists contribute to improving public awareness and achieving the purpose of Peace Initiative by regular and irregular providing peace-related issues


Article 6 Partner Organizations

Partner organizations contribute to the spread of peace journalism by sharing news contents with Peace Initiative. If necessary, business agreements can be formally concluded with mutual consent.


Article 7 Member Obligations

Members of Peace Initiative must observe agreements and articles of Peace Initiative, strive to achieve the purpose of the association, and observe the resolutions made at regular or extraordinary meetings.


Article 8 Disqualification

If he / she as a member of Peace Initiative conducts an act that is contrary to the purpose of Peace Initiative or causes the dishonor, or has not fulfilled the obligation of Article 7 may be disqualified through a regular or extraordinary meeting.

  1. The general manager may request the summons in accordance with the purpose of the meeting.
  2. The editorial or management department shall ask a meeting in consultation with the general manager when the proposed agenda is deemed to require a full discussion for the operation of Peace Initiative.
  3. Meetings may be held when more than 50% of the members of the Steering Committee attend.
  4. Approval of the agenda consists of more than half (exceeding 50%) of the total number of persons attending the meeting.
  5. In the event of absence to the Steering Committee meeting, it is possible to deliver his/her suggestions or ideas to the general manager in relation to the agenda, and the general manager is obliged to present the opinion during the meeting.
  6. The agenda of the meeting must be shared throughout the members of the steering committee no later than 7 days prior to commencement of the meeting.




Supplementary Provision


Article 1 Enforcement

This Articles of Association shall enter into force on September 19, 2018, with a majority rule of the Steering Committee.