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Many Syrian refugees in Za’atari camp are attending different training courses that provide psychological support for them. The war and conflicts they had experienced in their country affected their personality and their integration into the society.

Life skills are abilities for positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.

“The Road” met Nabeel Al-Sarhan(32years old), who is from eastern Ghouta and works as a life skills trainer at the International Medical Corps. He said, “I didn’t know what these skills are. I wasn’t able to blend into the society. I didn’t have self-confidence and my skills were not good enough.”

“My personality has changed a lot after I attended different training courses. I gained experience in life skills and this encouraged me to be a trainer and to be a successful person. Also, the training benefits the society members who are the most in need for these skills, especially after the war conditions we have experienced.”

He regretted that there are many refugees in Zaatari camp who don’t know what life skills are. He emphasized that it is a training course that provides psychological support for people, and aims to increase self-confidence, and improve anger management.

He asked the refugees to join these courses, because they will find that they are useful for their life.

“The Road” stood on this issue and met some refugees. It started with a student Fatima Al-Khatib(23 years old). She said, “I was suffering from social phobia and I wasn’t able to blend into society. My life has changed when I joined the life skills training. I became able to give a speech in front of a large number of people without any fear.”

Isra’a Al-Hariri explained, “I applied for many jobs but each time I failed in the interview. My personality has changed after I attended life skills course, and I became more confident. I got a job the week before the end of the training.”

Mohammed Al-Zokani explained, “Life skills training changed my personality and I became a different person. Before I was antisocial, and I wasn’t able to deal with others.”





by The Road Magazine(Jordan)

February 23, 2018

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