Building Peace With Concepts And Strategies

Peace is the fundamental character that must exist in human life and life itself. Without peace, then life will be destroyed because of the bloodshed that occurred between people, the nation in the name of colonialism.


For this reason, a comprehensive effort should be required in the direction of true peace. Then from where did the initial effort be done?


Firstly, there must be a solid community and or organization with a solid structure and performance with support not just from one country. The community and or organization stands with members and or administrators of the entire world community.


In terms of organization, HWPL can represent the purpose but in terms of membership must be done by changing the reshuffle of membership from other countries. Each member who comes from a country will be an input for HWPL to prepare and organize strategic steps. The issue of a country’s peace is drafted carefully and then implemented according to the circumstances of the country. Implementing these measures and policies, of course, by involving relevant officials in the country legally, so the program can be run massively. The participation of a state official is also intended to raise the financial strength that strongly supports the passage of such programs and policies.


Secondly, concepts and peace strategies. An organization is meaningless and inefficient in the public without any concept and strategy. Therefore, organizations must have clear concepts and strategies.


The concept of peace must be measurable without having to leave the impression of changing religious thought of a religion. The peace we are trying to offer the world is to resolve the conflict through mediation of dialogue and to give an understanding that religious differences are a necessity. Differences become a reality that must be accepted by humans as a gift that must be grateful.


Differences of race, religion and tribe are a provision and a destiny for man and inevitable.


How can the concept of peace be realized? To realize the concept of a peace strategy is necessary. The best strategy is to create a universal program on peace that includes education, dialogue and inter-religious cooperation.


In education, there must be a systematic learning of peace through the curriculum framework as well as other subjects in schools ranging from elementary, junior high, high school to university. Education becomes a strategic place to build peace. Through systematic education peace can be realized in inter-religious, intra-state and / or inter-nation relationships in the world. Seriously, peace building organizations should focus their work projections on this one area by emphasizing an understanding of human rights.


Dialogue becomes an important part of a strategy to achieve peace. Conflict between religions and between nations can only be resolved through dialogue.


Fair dialogue will certainly result in a peaceful formula agreed upon by those in conflict without fighting and killing each other.


Except of dialogue, a strategy that can be an alternative in terms of realizing peace is to provide a space of cooperation in a business of life for those who are different from religion, on the basis of justice.




by Furqon Bunyamin Husein

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