Conserving heritage is a way to preserve rights

by Mrs. Bayan Alomari, JRTV(Jordan)


Every occasion can be suitable to talk about peace, and to share our different thoughts to express peace.




Last month we had-in Jordan- “Al Fuhais festival”;
an annual lyric festival. The message of the festival for this year was a message of love and solidarity; which was sent to the Palestinians as a participation with their concerns.





Even painting, writing poems, sewing traditional clothing which belong to the people who suffer injustice, or keeping cooking their traditional meals, and many other ways could help saving their nice and great past, these and other methods could also help urging others to think more about the oppressed people, specially if we share their historical stuffs in the international events.

Perhaps someone can deprive the other’s right of living in a peacefully world, but of course he will not be able to rob their past, their heritage, and their dreams; the dreams which are the greatest motivation for new generations to claim their rights.


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