Creating peace

by Bayan Alomari, JRTV(Jordan)



Jordanian people know how to create a peaceful society where they can live with other refugees. Since 1948 Jordanians have cooperated and merged with their Palestinian brothers, as they have the same language, religion and culture; these factors supported the firm relation between the two populations.

If you look generally at the communities which received refugees or immigrants, you will hardly find a community that lives peacefully with refugees and immigrants as Jordan do.

Jordan adopted the “Palestinian Issue” since the beginning of the conflict between Palestinian and Israel in 1948. This poor and small country opened its hands with all love and respect to Palestinians, and tried the best to build a perfect and peaceful atmosphere for the refugees.






Jordan authorities is still carrying the task of defending of the rights of this oppressed population, in the United Nations, in the Arab League and in every international occasions Jordan talks about “Palestinian Issue” as its first national concern, and it doesn’t stop drawing the world’s attention toward that issue. Jordan plays all the roles at the official and popular levels to bring peace for Palestinians, the peace which can solve many problems in the Middle East.

Around 60 years ago Jordan is still trying to do all possible efforts to solve the great dilemma between Palestine and Israel, but it faces an arrogant enemy who sees only his own interests and doesn’t want to walk in the path of justice.

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