Dream For Peace

During my childhood I witnessed a cruel murder on the street which left a shadow in my heart. Since then, I prayed for peace and dreamed of peace.








September 21th is the World Peace Day. The General Assembly of United Nations ruled in 1981 that the third Tuesday in each September, the day the assembly is held, would be set as World Peace Day. In September 7, 2001, General Assembly passed the 55/282 resolution that from 2002, each September 21 would be World Peace Day. The assembly declared that World Peace Day is the cessation of war and non-violent day, and it appealed that people in all the nations should cease the hostile actions against each other. The assembly also called for all the member countries, various organizations in UN system, local organizations, non-government organizations and individuals to celebrate the World Peace Day in proper ways through education and public propaganda and cooperate with UN to realize the cessation of war around the globe.


Since the establishment of World Peace Day, each year on this day, UN will hold ceremonies to remind all the people of and celebrate it. Meanwhile, all the governments and non-government organizations, civic societies and religious groups also come up with various events to celebrate this special day.


Although World Peace Day is held each year, but the world is still not that peaceful. Look! Iraq armies is waging wars again against American field troops. Civil wars break out again in Vietnam. Burma and Ganguo fight against each other! Sound of gunshots is heard again at intervals from India!


Peace is like a male lion taking a quite nap. Who knows when his slightly closed eyes will open? His soft sign drives away the resting birds nearby. Only the dead can see the end of war. These two sentences have formed a striking contrast. We need peace, expect peace and long for peace. However, peace cannot be reached no matter how eagerly we anticipate. That is because peace needs each and every one of us to create together.


Today people live better lives. But can you forget what happened several years ago?


On August 28, 1937, gun smoke filled the air around Nanjing Railway Station. The flames lit up the sky and blood is shed like streams. Among the debris a little child, who was still not able to walk, cried out desperately, “Mom, where are you? Mom, where are you?” This is not the camera shot in the horror movies, but a real camera shot by a journalist in the year 1937 when the Japanese invaders bombed Shanghai South Railway Station. This photo pressed on my heart like a heavy stone. Can the tender “flower of peace” endure the cruel and merciless torture?  Maybe he lost his parents and became an orphan. Maybe he would have no chance to go to school, only ended himself as a beggar. How strongly I hope he owns a peaceful and fortunate childhood as mine. However, wars have transformed all the beautiful hopes into bubbles.


If we look back into the book of long history, no single page of this book is not immersed by the blood of war. According to the statistics by Sweden and Indian scholars, wars have caused such a huge catastrophe to humans that its loss equals to a gold band going around the earth with 150 kilometers in width and 10 meters in thickness. By the 21 century, wars still exists. The Gulf War has deprived hundreds and millions people’s lives, among which over 600 millions are children under 5 years old. My heart hurt constantly at the sight of this astonishing figure. When can the world make an agreement and be kind among each other on earth? 


What do you feel if your country is invaded and has no way to resist, only to see your country is destroyed by invaders and your people is suffering a lot?


I would like to say to the invaders, “your consciousness should be condemned. You sent your people to the battlefield and let them die out of no reason. Your ambition and desire are built on others’ blood and misery. What the smoke of war brings to us is only destruction. Let this destruction stop! We are longing for peace. Please don’t wage war again. I also want to say to those great powers of imperialism, “Why don’t you contribute your share of love to so many people in the world who are badly in need of help? Why don’t you allocate some money which you invest on military to help those underprivileged people free from misery and sufferings?


We hope that each child in the war could have a stable desk which is not easily overthrown by the blast of missiles. We hope they have a clean and white classroom free from bullet shots where they can study in the sunshine and enjoy the spring warmth like us. How beautiful it is! Give us a stable desk and let us study quietly. Therefore, I’d like to appeal to the international societies to help those kids. We want peace instead of wars. In order that no mother would lose her kids, no wife would lose her husband and no children would lose their father, the whole world should act with one accord to keep peace and cease wars! Let the year of 2010 which has already witnessed the steps of hope tolls the bells for the war. Let tomorrow’s world truly become the homeland full of sunshine, flowers and love! Let the peace doves fly to every corner of the word. Let us voice out the words “World Peace” together!   





I have seen a photo about Iraq war on the internet, in which a mother places herself on her dead children and cries. It seems that the cry can be heard and resonates in your heart, It looks as if she is saying to her kid, “Don’t leave me!” She keeps on calling to her child, but her child is already dead and sleep forever. I cannot keep my nose feeling sour and my eyes filled with tears at the thought of this.


As a matter of fact, photos like is countless. These photos are the witnesses of wars. Lots of children lost their lives in wars like this child while some others were either disabled because of bombs, or hungry to death, or…. Maybe yesterday, they still lived a happy life in this world and were filled with curiosity about it. But now these hopes all break up into pieces. They left in this way without knowing enough about where they lived.


Nowadays, wars still break out in lots of regions such as the violent military conflicts in Afghanistan and the Philippians. Many people died with their heads and bodies separated apart. People in these places are living in a constant horror every day. I am curious that why people in the same earth have such a great disparity in their lives? We enjoy happy lives each day. We have classes in spacious and bright classrooms every day. We don’t even have to trouble ourselves to have a good meal after we come home. In other words, we live on labour of others. However, the children suffering in the war have to experience hunger, cold and dread. Death can take them away at any time. Everyday they sleep with the sky as their quilts and the earth as their beds. They don’t have good meals and warm clothes. It is such a strong contrast compared with us!


Since the earth has given everything to the mankind, we should cherish its resources and should not plunder against each other. The earth is ours. We should share it together.


I was once lost in reverie that all is harmonious if there is no war in this world. In the forest, the singing of birds can be heard and fragrant flowers can be smelled everywhere. Little animals are having fun together. In the sea, little fishes are swimming freely. The ocean will not be dyed red by blood and keeps blue forever. Little children around the world are gathering together, singing songs of peace hand in hand. What a wonderful scene it should be!


Do you remember the photo issued in the Iraq war? Do you still remember the scene where an American soldier, who lost one leg in the war, is embracing his wife tightly in the airport? Afghanistan war ended at last after one order was issued. The casualty reaches to 450 thousand! This is the most cruel war ever happened since World War II. While the people were indulged in the happiness without war, the Japanese prime minister, Abe, came into power. Their measures once again put the whole world into tension. He modified the peace constitution and boldly denied Nanjing Massacre and juggled the textbooks. The terror brought by fascism once again cast a gloom in people’s heart.


The eight year-old Amanda has a lucky and peaceful family. His mother is an “angel in white” while his father is a head in a small factory. He also has a lovely sister. Everything goes harmoniously. Until one day a war breaks the due tranquility. The nuclear is not a frightening word itself. But once it is combined with the word weapon, they become a killing daemon with a long tail. No places are spared of its total destruction where it lands. In this tense nuclear investigation, no destructive weapons and bio-chemical weapons were discovered. However, wars can still break out with a so-called just reason. Civic people died in large quantities after several air raids.


Amanda’s mother hasn’t come home for ongoing several days. Amanda’s father was unlucky to be hurt by gunshot during rounds of air raids. In the hospital, this couple met again. School has stopped working long ago, leaving Amanda and his sister staying in the empty home lonely. They came out and went on the street to look for their mother. The bustling city in the past has disappeared. Instead, ruined houses and buildings and crying came to their sight and filled their ears. He and his sister came to the hospital and found their mom. She was busy taking care of the patients. Without seeing their mom for several days, they found their mom thinner a lot. In her ward lived many injured people. In a bed which is closest to Amanda, an uncle was saying something to the camera. Suddenly, the camera turned to Amanda. He felt like he wanted to cry. Looking at the injured uncle and then at the unfathomable camera, he suddenly burst into tears. At last, his mom sent them home and told him to look after his sister. Then she went back to hospital again. That night, Amanda was standing beside the window and looking in the direction where her mother was. He missed his mother, so did his sister. All of a sudden, he found a shooting star flying to him rapidly. He closed his eyes and made a wish: His parents would come back soon.  


In the next day’s TV news, the news announcer reported that some new civil people died of the air raids including the 8-year-old Amanda and his 6-year sister Sarah….



We hope for peace and dream of peace!

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