Efforts for Peace: 15th Union-Level Joint Monitoring Committee Meeting Starts



Union-level Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC-U) began its 15th meeting at the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre in Yangon, discussing ways to empower the joint monitoring work.

New Mon State Party which recently signed the Nationwide Ceasefire agreement joined this meeting. The JMC-U chairman stresses the importance in monitoring the violation of agreement, scrutinizing and solving conflicts. The Chairman added leaders and members of the joint monitoring teams at the grass root levels are required to sharpen their skills.

Chairman, JMC-U, Lt-Gen Yar Pyae said “Delegations need to share the decisions and works of the JMC-U with all the members from the grassroots level so that JMC-U’s works will be smoother. Also, we need to form the JMC-L in all states and regions to monitor conflicts. We also need to conduct workshops and give training for the people working on the monitoring process. We have plans to hold civilian meeting once in every four months to help the civilians sharpen the skills relating to the peace process.”

The delegations from JMC-S/L also attended the meeting and discussed ways of holding the JMC-S/L meeting to improve the monitoring work in conflict areas. A delegate from the New Mon State party gave a speech on this first day of the meeting.

New Mon State Party Delegate, La Yi Kaung said “We signed the nationwide ceasefire agreement on February 13, this year. This is the very first time for us to join a JMC-U meeting.”

The 1st day of the meeting focused on the implementation of ceasefire, establishment of Local Civilians Monitoring (LCM) Group, holding the JMC conference and many others. This 3-day meeting will end on Friday.







March 21, 2018

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