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Presently our young society is not only far away from politics but also they are very much negative in politics. It is not very good for our future politics. Recently, a national newspaper named the daily Kaler Kantho conducted a research on student’s political awareness and participation in politics. A total of 100 social media activists were the target participants whose age in average 18-30 years.

They found that a total of 62 percent students wrote on their timeline in facebook that they hate politics and peoples are involved in politics who are very much fraud. As if they know that politics is the right way to achieve goal to make a society, state as well as mass people. The research shows that 2 percent is involved in politics, 28 percent is neutral, and 6 percent were not interested to give the answer. We can assume that the present condition of the young generation is very alarming which will be effected in our future generation.

There are many factors of the problem. For example, 1. Political Factor: a number of mass people had died due to political violence in our country, but political workers are in safe situation. 2. Tendering: Most of the peoples wants to keep themselves in safe place from politics because of their tender politics and violence. 3. Corrupted mind and opportunities: Most of the political leader thinks that he or she is upper level from others, and always try to be involve in corruption. As a result, young people lost their faith on the politics. 4. Political biased: When a meritorious student didn’t get his or her job without any hassle, on the other side, a political person gets the job and opportunities without any difficulties, young generation express their abhorrence to politics. 5. Arms uses: A few number of young are using arms to show their power, that’s why they are loosing their leadership power. 6. Weak mentality: Most of the youths who is very much aware on politics, they are far away from politics due to weak mentality. It seems that who is in power, they will do everything. They also think that’s they have no to do in this situation. 7. Drug addiction: Most of the student leader are involving themselves in addiction, so fresh students don’t try to involve in politics.

There are some suggestions to resolve the situation and practicing fair student politics- 1. Stopping political nepotism 2. Practicing democracy 3. Making drug free society 4. Ensuring equal opportunity for all. Finally, everybody should create an enabling environment for young society to be involved in politics





by Safiul Azam, Youth Journal(Bangladesh)

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