House of Ustadz Anshori Given Silent Signs to Make the West Pejaten Residents


The security officer from Koramil 03 while talking to Ustad Anshory. [Herman]

RADARINDONESIANEWS.COOM, JAKARTA – The issue of the rise of the PKI and the threat of murder against Kyai, Ulama, and the ustadz increasingly create anxious people, especially in Pejaten West after the cross in the residence ust. Anshori, a resident of RT05 / 08, Kelurahan Pasar Minggu, Monday (19/2/2018).


Seeing her house crossed and worried about her, ust. Anshori (38) immediately reported to the Koramil 03 Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. On the report, Danramil 03 Sunday Market Major Chb Purwanto, S. Psi along with two members of Babinsa, Peltu Sunarto and Serka Pardi immediately drove to the location.


Based on information collected, to date, guarding the residence ust. Anshori is still done.


“There is a TNI / Polri guard at Anshori’s house.” Said one source not far from the location, Tuesday (20/2/2018).


According to Danramil 03 Sunday Market Major Chb Purwanto, S.Psi, when confirmed through the Whatsapp conversation said the cross has been erased by the owner of the house and in that case has been coordinated with the apparatus RT05, RW08, Linmas, Tomas, Toga, Babinsa and Lurah local.


To keep the situation in check, Danramil appealed to all elements of the community, especially the siskamling officers, the TNI POLRI officers, other citizens to be alert to the presence of strangers or unknown persons and to coordinate with related units to raise awareness.


Added Major Chb Purwanto, S.Psi, to keep the situation and conditions under control, in the future, there must be synergy of 3 pillar elements at both the sub-district and kelurahan level, increase siskamling by the residents, joint patrols. Babinsa and Komsos Binmas conduct friendship to the residents especially ulama, Kyai and Ustadz.


In addition, he added again, actively participate in religious activities such as praying in congregation, pengajian, majelis taklim, silaturahiim to the residence of Ustadz. [GF]





by Furqon Bunaymin Husein, Radar Indonesia News(Indonesia)

February 20, 2018

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