Kanchanpur begins a statement from Kurray, Bomb sister again from 8 o’clock

Kailali: On Monday night, the Bhimdatnagar of Kanchanpur has been certified again. The District Administration Office had released Curfew on Tuesday morning in the last five days. According to the administration, the government has issued a curfew again in Bhimdatnagar, which has increased local excellence every day after curfew hazardous.

The administration has said that the curfew order will be issued from 8 am to 4 pm on Wednesday morning. Chief District Officer Taranath Adhikari said the District Administration Office was issued a curfew order till the order of the District Administration Office issued no verdict in the number 4, 6 and 18 of the Bhimdutt Municipality.

The closed educational institutions have been open since Friday due to curfew. The afternoon opened and the car was also opened.

The local administration has been issuing a curfew order on Friday, while the movement started demanding action against the murderer Nirmala Pant, 13, according to the local administration.

Start a statement of a bomb sister

The statement of the arrested lights and Babita bombings have been started in the investigation of Nirmala Pant murder. District Police Office Kanchanpur said that their written statement was started from Tuesday. The court had given permission to the police on Monday to investigate the bomb-sister sister for 6 days.

Pant has gone to their home on September 10. However, on the other hand, the police had been angry with the relatives of the deceased, saying the police did not conduct well research. The light is Nirmalaki’s companion, and Babi is his sister.

The accused was taken to Kathmandu Dilpinsinh Bista, who has been arrested in the murder case of the police, has been taken to Kathmandu. Police said that DNA testing and additional health tests have been taken to Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Police claims that he had been killed after rape. The police officer, who has been arrested, has also been claiming that he is the chief accused. However, the locals have rejected that statement.

The police claim that after the DNA examination, details should be opened.

The protest demonstrated that the police arrested the person who did not have a mental balance and demanded to cover the incident. After a clash with police, a child had died and some others were injured.

The government has suspended the then police Superintendent of Police, Dillaraj Bista after the allegations of serious accusation against Nirmala Pant murder case.

The Home Ministry has now formed Kanchanpur, a team led by Joint Secretary Hariprasad Mainali. The team has been investigating the incident since the beginning of the new vein.





by Mahendra Bam,  Radio Daily Mail(Nepal)

August 28, 2018

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