Looking for peace

by Bayan Alomari, JRTV(Jordan)


When a baby comes to this life, he comes with a big cry, which means he’s alive, directly the stuff around mom and her new born throw the nude new comer on the chest of his mom ; the place where he is going to feel safe and welcomed to his new life. That means this new comer needs to be received peacefully before he thinks he’s hungry.

Looking to our world generally, we find that there are many conflicts and hostilities, but the main world conflict is the “Palestinian Issue” which is continued since 1948, this issue is still causing instability & lots of problems in the Middle East. The new Palestinian generation comes to this life with no hope to live in their home land peacefully

Palestinian people search for peace for nearly 60 years, as the great countries still support Israel over the rights of this oppressed population.

Living in this kind of area, urges you to always look for peace & security, and to try giving that population hope in this life.

Jordanian people live the same sorrow & concerns of their Palestinian brothers, Jordan as a small & poor country has received since 1948 refugees from Palestine, Syria & Iraq. Unfortunately, my thoughts of peace are still only thoughts, as I confront huge international forces which need similar efforts of other countries to respond and to make some of the thoughts come true.

I see that when it’s too hard for the international forces to convince each other to reach a solution that can satisfy all the parts of the conflict, then it’ll be better to start seeking for peace to your own self, your family & to your small society, without forgetting the “main issue” which caused your non peaceful state.


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