Making a world of peace through spreading a culture of peace and peace education

by Vajira Sumedha Yasarathna, Sri Lanka




Sri Lanka, South Asian Island which called pearl of the Indian Ocean in ancient period is now facing the hardness during 3 decades of civil war. Ending 30 years of terrorism in Sri Lanka has to achieve peace in need now since it has unhealed wounds for 9 years. Let’s see how DPCW, the international legal binding form HWPL proclaimed. It can be used to achieve practical peace in wounded country by the war.


DPCW is not for only archiving peace but for building up the enlightenment of peace and spreading it out all nations. It has 10 articles that cover the whole concept of peace. So how could it strengthen peace through these articles?


First article says stopping the threat of using force. Since it has declared from HWPL, if each country comply with the legal against using the weapon and making any wars, peaceful world will come true in this world. In Sri Lanka, several issues have occurred when government forces using with stamping on the human rights of civil society. But it is looking forward to come to the end completely if all country take an action the legal.


The 2nd article is to reduce war potentially and repurposed weapons to benefit humanity. This one is also most important because the war always take poverty to a country which it has involved with. Likewise, all articles of DPCW are relevant to the efforts of peace building in Sri Lanka. But the most important is article 10 in the DPCW for Sri Lanka currently. It’s about spreading a culture of peace. What is the core of this article? It’s that all need to cooperate the efforts for establishing peace from leaders in any country to civilians whether any country experience the war or not.


Whichever country must be never involved with a war so that the articles say how it’ll sustain peace and prevent the wars in future. In other words, it shows how people can go along together for a long lasting peace.


In Sri Lanka, the war has ended in 9 years before. It means 9 years old children has not even thought about the war. It is necessary to teach them how important peace is. In article 10, it is as follow spreading a culture of peace that is a good solution for peace all needs. Making a peace culture is important because peace is not a concept that plant by force in human mind. It should be grown as a tree. HWPL has watered peace to the growing trees according to the article 10 in DPCW.


So peace culture will be spread by peace education to build a sustainable peace. In Sri Lanka, we have spent more than 9years after ending war. But all are yet to find a better way to introduce peace for north and south of Sri Lanka. Some unwanted activities arose in north and south as well due to peaceless situation in Sri Lanka too. But according my analysis Sri Lanka governments efforts to make peace is failed in some areas. The reason is it was built up like a wall. But peace should grow up as a tree. government should Watered it with facilitating. Growing up peace in peoples mind is very hard in a country like Sri Lanka. because it suffered war for 30yrs. So what we should do is educating new generation about the peace.


There we could grow up them with peaceful minds. In primary level, we could introduce children how to live peacefully with groups who have seperated minds. Getting knowledge about different ideas could be helpful too. After that kids mind will broaden into thinking peacefully about other’s neediness.


When the kids grow up then they should be taught about the principle of long lasting peace .If there we could take DPCW as a-platform document with the charter of UN it will be better. Because now UN chapter has over 50yrs old and not revised in a long time. But DPCW is very new and had touched a wide level of the war and peace field.


Like this if peace education build up schools in Sri Lanka, peace educators will be the ambassadors of new generation. After they get knowledge correctly it will be the odyssey for peaceful world.

So Lets grow up the tree of peace with DPCW and HWPL!

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