Media should be a message of peace

by Abdullah Salim Saeed Bakhuraisa, Hadramount University (Yemen)


This message must be meaningful, credible and safe, benefiting the recipient and making him live in a spirit of reality. The media has limited the message to others and carried their banners to be the basis for building and educating the people.

It is regrettable today that many journalists, journalists and their media are exposed to a great deal of oppression and repression, and deprive them of peace and security. Many of them are subjected to serious injuries or wounds, and even more to death and death.

The hatred and freedom of many groups and political officials of the press have grown and become a tool to harass and kill many of them and assault them, which is not commensurate with the honor of the profession or communities or religions, but the origin of freedom of the press and to give the journalists safety and peace to live their lives and perform their wishes with all love and peace.

Reporters Without Borders released a report showing growing hatred for journalists in 180 countries around the world. The report cited several examples of political leaders of different countries and how they are hostile to journalists, which ultimately leads to a reduction in press freedom.

In Yemen, which ranked 167th in press freedom according to Reporters Without Borders, the report described the situation of journalists in Yemen as very bad and viewed with suspicion, both for the government and its supporters, for the Houthis. They are therefore subject to attacks, arrests, imprisonment or murder by warring parties.

Here we send a message that all parties in Yemen and the world must work to open more freedom to the press and journalists and to provide the requirements for them to serve their countries and nations so that everyone can live in security, peace and peace. The media is a message of peace.

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