Peace building is a task for the Rwandan youth – Ndayisaba

The Manager of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission Fidel Ndayisaba urged the youth to keep nurturing the peace culture and strive to make it a success. He said that this is the most important tool to achieve all desired goals.


Ndayisaba told the participants in the Never Again Rwanda meeting held this Tuesday that peace is the milestone upon which progress and the future of Rwanda are built.

The manager of the remembrance unity in the Never Again Rwanda Batoni Florance said that the meeting was meant to prepare the youth for the upcoming 1994 genocide commemoration period scheduled to take place on 07, April 2016.

Even though they are no fixed statistics of all Rwandans suffering from the 1994 genocide consequences, there is a likelihood that the number of sufferers declined.

However, each individual has his/her own scares of the genocide that need to be healed with time.

Some have been sexually abused while others have given birth to unwanted children among others.

Left alone children and the ones whose parents participated into the genocide are also enduring its related consequences.

Batoni said that this kind of meeting is a means to help Rwandans earn knowledge on how they can overcome genocide related consequences.

She said that even though some of Rwandans still face consequences of the genocide, the journey towards to full healing process still continues and will achieve its aim progressively.

Fidel Ndayisaba who leads the NURC urged the youth to be more involved in peace building process as they are more active and proactive than the rest of Rwandans.



by Umuseke, Rwanda

April 6, 2016


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