by Fauzi Harris(Malaysia)




Political conflicts in the country like in Syria, the inter-ethnic crisis that is still struck Sri Lanka and also the ethnic assassinations in Myanmar gave a shadow that peace in the world was so wobbly like a bubble in the ocean. Hence, the effort to create the better world for peace and future is not solely under the responsibility of the United Nations (UN) itself. Each country needs to take the initiative to maintain national and international peace.

It cannot be denied that unity among the people is the key to peace in any country in the world. Countries that divided by different and diverse races, religions and cultures like here in Malaysia will face more difficult challenges to maintain the stability in all areas to make sure the peace is everywhere and for everyone. Therefore, the effort to create a united spirit among the people must be taken seriously and continuously.

At the same time, establishing regional cooperation also creates universal peace. The impact of inter-nation cooperation will be able to foster understanding among regional countries. Malaysia has been comprised of several international organisations such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Non-aligned Organisation (NAM) and the Organisation of Cooperation Countries Islam (OIC) as well as establishing diplomatic relations with every country in the world. Malaysia’s involvement in these organisations is to establish cooperation from political, economic and social aspects and to discuss efforts to resolve conflicts between member states. In essence, good relations between nations can also be a peaceful and prosperous place to live by.






Inter-nation disputes seem to be difficult to avoid when each attempt to exploit the resources available for the survival of their respective economies. When this happens, then the negotiating table is the most powerful platform to resolve conflicts that arise rather than lifting weapons. In this regards, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, the Netherlands has done much in resolving disputes between countries such as the claim of Ligitan Island and Sipadan Island by Malaysia and Indonesia and also Batu Putih Island between Malaysia and Singapore. As a result, every compounding problem should be resolved with full prudence by using the most diplomatic methods as much as possible.






Lastly, national and international security can also be maintained if legitimate and equitable treatment is provided to all. In light of that, the government of Malaysia for a notable instance has introduced a New Economic Policy (NEP) that aimed to ensure every race possesses a fair and equal right to enjoy the nation’s prosperity.

The world’s great powers should justify fair treatment to all countries without typically labelling certain nations as an ally or enemy. The proof, September 11, 2001, was attributed to the hatred of the militant tribesmen against the United States of America in favour of many international issues that provided benefits to its associates, particularly Israel.

The deductions, the initiative to create peace in any country in the world, should be untaken lightly. The unity among the people must be nurtured since childhood perhaps through proper education and also by demonstrating good examples. In addition, inter-state cooperation has to be strengthened and the culture of deliberation should constantly be practised to resolve any disputes that may arise. Indeed, mankind must realise the world we are living now is for all the creatures and we as human being must ensure it will always prosper and safe at all time.



Fauzi Harris

Sept 12, 2018

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