People and Peace

by Roger S. Ziadeh, Kuwait News Agecy(Kuwait)




Whether in their conversations or in the terms they usually use, people tend to include the word PEACE every time they want to wish good things for themselves or for others.

This may be a result of what they have learned throughout their early lives, whether in families, schools, or from the holy places of their respective religions, as the most prominent religions have based their teaching and interacting between followers and believers on Peace as a way to live.





In this regard, we see people every day saluting each other with words like Shalom Aleichem (Judaism), As-Salamu Alaykum (Islam), or praying for Peace be upon you forever (Christianity).

The latter has also called Mother Mary as the Queen of Peace as an honor for the Virgin Lady and the Mother of Jesus Christ.

With all that said, and since almost everybody were raised on following Peace as a value, we have to ask where all the hatred we see in the world comes from? Why seeking Peace disappears when action replaces words, and why with all the teaching we received about the value of Peace, we have bad things happening, such as killings, brutalities and crimes around us, and eventually “Where is Peace???”.

Why can’t people transform their words to action and follow their own teachings and traditions, and what made people so brutal? When we seek answers to these questions, we may find too many reasons, but maybe the most prominent of them is Power, as some people would be blinded by the power they can get, so they’d be ready to do anything to achieve it and of course would forget all the good things they have learned in that regard.





And with Power comes Money and many other things, as greed can contribute in distracting people from what is the right thing to do for ourselves and our communities, and push them instead to choose their own interests.

As a result, Wars are occurring, and people are dying, starved or displaced, or being heavily affected in any other ways, while those who are in power are just pretending to be Peace seekers and claiming that others are responsible for that.

The emergence of the so called ISIS in the Middle East a couple of years ago is a perfect example of that, as all the related parties in the region have strongly and repeatedly denied any involvement with this brutal organization, and yet it was operating and expanding and anonymously funded!!! Before it lost grounds later in fights with the major powers.

No matter who is right or wrong, the only truth is there is no Peace on earth, as many people among them children are suffering from hunger and drought, while others are deprived of many rights, and wars are taking over many places around the world. So what really should be done is not giving statements and calling for Peace, but showing real actions to stop all the killings and brutality and bringing all those who are fighting to the table to sign Peace agreements and end all hostilities, otherwise no one will rest in Peace anymore.

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