Peoples and Peace

In light of the tensions and threats that the world is witnessing in all the countries of the east or west, south and north, we find the ones who pay the price always are the people who are killed and wounded, and the oppressed, the oppressed or the fugitive seeking safety and stability away from war between countries and some or civil wars and continuing clashes and violence Bombings and terrorism on the other.
Find a small child looking for mercy in the hearts of those around him and another looking for a safe place to play is a stable security and another wants to go to school without being disturbed by a bombing or air raid or to be subjected to any offense or ill on his way to school to make the future of the world With its knowledge and culture.
Everyone is looking for stability and safety, which they could not reach without anything important, “peace”.





Peace is always sought by the people to rise up in their meetings and reach the world in order to achieve security and stability.
In the end, the word peace is not a word or phrase but peace is a soft choice, a comfortable life, work, security, tranquility, preservation of life and peace does not cost the people the cost of the destruction of wars and the destruction of houses that are brought by terrorism and violence. Let us all work together to spread peace between us. Good on humanity and love and we all be a safe force reassuring.







by Ibrahim Ahmed, Alekhbarya(Egypt)

July 28, 2018

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