With the “tank attack” and “tanker encounter buckle” the world continues to ferment. Some countries that have been involved in Iran, the United Kingdom, the United States, and this resource box have expressed their views. In particular, the United States and Iran have issued strong speeches in their own interests. For a time, the international situation has turned sharply, and a shadow of war has formed, which has caused countries and situation observers to pay special attention to and worry about the prospects of world peace.

According to the relevant media, the United Kingdom’s seizure of Iran and Iran was not intended, but was directed by the United States. It is more than enough to detain a cruise ship with the military strength of the United States. However, there are other reasons for the United Kingdom to start. The original sea area for the cruise ship is the key point. The sea domain name is the Strait of Gibraltar. It is the focus of controversy between Britain and Spain. Both countries believe that only they are the masters of this strait. Therefore, Spain first came out against the British seizure of Iranian cruise ships and claimed that only Spain can drive the cruise ship. The seizure power caused the giant cruise ship to become a weapon for the two countries to compete for sovereignty.

With the further development of the incident, it was found that the incident was far from being as simple as it was originally thought. The British announced that the cruise ship belonged to Iran, but according to Lloyd’s classification society, the giant cruise ship belongs to the Russian Titan Shipping Company. It is not Iran. The identity of the company is extremely complicated. It is a joint venture between the United Arab Emirates and Russia. If it is a Russian tanker, the EU and Russia have always been different, but the UAE and the United States belong to the allies, nature and the EU. The relationship between countries is not bad.

Understandably, under the harsh oil sanctions imposed by the US military, Iran’s mood is very urgent. Therefore, it is a wise move to use this complex tanker at a critical moment to export oil to Iran. If the tanker is Iran’s own, then The US or Western allies have directly detained the tanker, and Iran has no choice. But now that the special status of the tanker is discovered, it is difficult for the British to start the tanker because once the tanker is detained, it will encounter the UAE. Dissatisfaction with Russia is likely to lead to Russian retaliation.


The British seizure of the Grace 1 tanker incident on the surface looks like a beautiful scene. In fact, it has also fallen into the trap of American design. Originally, the UK was neutral and could be left alone in the increasingly tense international situation. It can be said that it has fallen into the vortex of international disputes. The contradiction between Britain and Russia and Iran has gradually erupted. I thought it was a great achievement. I did not expect it to be a hot potato.

July 9th Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Mohamed Baghari said in Tehran on the 9th that Iran will respond to the arrest of the “Grace 1” tanker at an appropriate time and place.

According to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, Baghari accused the British Navy of illegally detaining Iranian tankers in international waters during an event in Tehran, saying that the move was aimed at Iran’s shooting down of Iran’s airspace into Iran’s airspace last month. Man and machine for retaliation. He said that Iran must respond to the seizure of the tanker.

According to the British “Guardian” website reported on July 12, the British Royal Navy “Dunken” warship will open to the Gulf region within a few days after completing its NATO military exercise in the Baltic region, and is expected to arrive next week. The Duncan is a Type 45 destroyer.

The report said that the destroyer will carry out the mission with the Royal Navy frigate “Montrose” and the US Gulf region allies, but does not join the United States proposed global maritime alliance to protect the region’s shipping.

The “Duncan” destroyer was originally planned to replace the “Montrose” frigate, but now the two warships will work side by side for a period of time.

In response to the “tank deduction”, the name of the back is definitely the United Kingdom. There is no evidence that the United States is behind the scenes. Regardless of the final truth, Britain has already offended Iran and Syria, and even Russia. The attitudes of other European countries are also inconsistent. French President Mark Long still wants to talk to Iran. Iran has proposed to gradually withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement. France, as one of the signatories to the Iranian nuclear agreement, expressed its own in this matter. The French Presidential Palace Elysee Palace issued an announcement on the evening of July 6th, saying that French President Mark Long and Iranian President Rohani had more than one hour of talks on the same day. The leaders of the two countries are still seeking the possibility of re-dialogue on relevant aspects of the Iranian nuclear agreement.

For the EU as a whole, they are still doing their best to protect the Iranian nuclear agreement, which is basically consistent with the mainstream view of the world. So what does Russia say? If the country behind the tanker detained by the United Kingdom is really Russia, then Britain can make a big disaster! At present, Russia has not spoken yet, but it is not necessary to know that Russia must be on the Iranian side.

From “the tanker attack” to “the tanker was detained”, no matter how worried the countries of the world are, the United States, Iran, Britain and Russia are really decisive. After all, these are still a series of cases triggered by the withdrawal of the US guidelines. Reaction. In order to maintain its international hegemony, the United States, in addition to wielding economic rods for sanctions, is a military strike. Behind this phenomenon is essentially a military game and an arms game between the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and other powerful countries.

International observers believe that Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi’s foresight will be the next step in Iran’s outcome. In order to avoid this war, more international observers have expressed on various platforms that restraint, calmness, respect and dialogue are the best ways to solve this current difficult problem.

I hope that the international community will mediate this matter through various channels and channels to clear the intermediate forces that love peace at all levels, resolve disputes, ease the situation, and prevent the war from clouding the world.


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