Struggle for Peace against protest aiming the remaining conflict status quo between North Macedonia and Greece.



Yes, Macedonian citizens will have the last word to confirm or reject the agreement which resolve the dispute on name between Skopje and Athens, declared recently Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, proving confident that the majority of Macedonian citizens will support agreement signed by the governments of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom) and Greece in Prespa city. 


“The result of the referendum will be decisive, regardless of whether it will be consultative or binding”. 




Zaev explained that in the past the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (Sdsm), now in government, was opposed to a referendum on the agreement with Athens, while actually consider this passage to be necessary; and the opposition party of the Internal Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for the Macedonian National Unity (Vmro-Dpmne) has always been in favor of popular consultation until now on changing this political attitude! According to premier Zaev, even if former party leader Nikola Gruevski had already accepted the name of the Republic of Northern Macedonia in 2012, he now is working  for the deployment calls on citizens to protest against the process to resolve the dispute over the name that should end with a referendum as he has appealed while in power.


“I hope President Ivanov will not stop the process,” premier Zaev added, reiterating that “violence is not the solution”, but however, according to Zaev, the agreement on the name between Skopje and Athens marks “the beginning of the end of uncertainty for Macedonia” and represents a solution acceptable to both parties. 


Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in his speech in the parliament, before the vote for the ratification of the agreement signed in the weekend in Prespa between the governments of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom) and Greece, said: “We have an agreement with a clear protection of our identity and our Macedonian language, forever “.





According to Zaev, the agreement is a step forward “in the interest of the future of citizens and our children for a peaceful future”. “Citizens will have the last word”, the prime minister reiterated, referring to the referendum to be held in the autumn and calling for the official opening of the accession negotiations during the European Council on 28-29 June.


On 17 June the Foreign Ministers of Fyrom and Greece signed an agreement to resolve the dispute over the name. The Greek Nikos Kotzias and the Macedonian Nikola Dimitrov signed the document that could definitively close the long-standing question concerning the name of Fyrom, which would become “Republic of Northern Macedonia”. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev were also present at the ceremony testimoning so the official endeavor for Peace of both governments.


In fact, the parliament of Skopje has ratified the agreement signed with Athens to change the name of the country in the Republic of Northern Macedonia. 69 MPs voted in favor of ratification, while the MPs of the largest opposition party – Internal Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for the Macedonian National Unity (Vmro-Dpmne) – did not take part in voting parliamentary session.


But it seems that even if this historic victory for the two countries is now achieved, the situation is not easy and has troubled the international politics. According to Stefania Craxi, Italian senator of Forza Italia (FI), The preliminary agreement signed between the Greek government and the Macedonian government for the resolution of the thirty-year dispute over Skopje’s name and the ratification are to be considered as milestones, albeit important, of a process.


“The tensions – added Craxi -, the contraries and even the institutional voices that meander against and that still today rise before this process, can not therefore be underestimated, nor by the international community, which has every interest in incorporating officially the Macedonian reality in its sphere, nor from the EU that thus starts the opening of negotiations for the entry of the former Yugoslav republic  in Europe Union”.


According to Forza Italia senator, “the dynamics inherent in identity and historical issues require particular attention and all the prudence and delicacies of the case in order not to generate, even for appreciable intentions, new tensions that could generate an involution of the picture”.


And we must inform that the Macedonian president Gjorge Ivanov has invited Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to start immediately a procedure for the impeachment on the head of state, because his position on the agreement on the name of Macedonia with Athens “is final and remains unchanged. “


“I invite Zaev to immediately start an impeachment procedure to determine the guilty president, by the same two-thirds majority vote necessary to change the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia,” Ivanov said in a written response to the statements by the premier Zaev, with whom he had invited the head of state not to hinder the process for the entry into force of the agreement signed between the governments of Skopje and Athens.


“My position regarding the damaging agreement on the name is final and remains unchanged, despite all the threats and pressures” said president Ivanov!


It must be remembered that to initiate an impeachment procedure, according to the Macedonian Constitution, the favorable vote of two thirds of the deputies is needed, a majority not easily reachable considering that the largest opposition party – Internal Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for the Macedonian National Unity (Vmro-Dpmne) – firmly supports president Ivanov’s position.


But even in Greece, the leader of the Greek government coalition minority party, Independent Greeks (Anel), Panos Kammenos, had declared that he would ask Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a “super-majority” of 180 MPs on the vote for the ratification of the agreement on the name former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom).


Defense Minister Kammenos stressed that a vote of this “importance” necessitates the broadest approval by the single chamber parliament and not only by a simple majority of 151 votes (300 are the seats of the single-chamber parliament of Athens),

Kammenos reiterated after a meeting of Anel that his party will never support the agreement reached between the two governments for the name of the Republic of Macedonia of the North, adding to consider “improbable” that the agreement will overcome the obstacle of the Macedonian referendum .


“We have not given (anything) to get something in return, but we have made the best deal for the country,” said foreign greek minister Nikos Kotzias replying to Dimitris Kammenos, MP expelled by Anel after voting in favor of the motion of no confidence against the government filed by Nuova Democracy (Nd), because of the agreement with Fyrom, said that the agreement reached between the two governments was a “quid pro quo”.


Kotzias added in the mean while, with respect to the fact that in the document of understanding the recognition of the 

“Macedonian” citizens is contemplated, the erga omnes agreement reached, therefore with a use both at home and abroad, has ” permission “the exclusion of any instance of” irredentism “.


“They also had to get something – explained Kotzias – self-identification was their main request in the negotiations.” Kotzias also rejected the rumors that gave the airport of Thessaloniki “Macedonia” to be renamed, adding that Fyrom will remove some of the statues placed in Skopje.


And until this day we are reporting for HWPL’s website equilibrium of forces is in favor of whom is working for Peace instead of conflict between tow countries and people and sure who work for Peace in the World will ever find the support of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) the international organization which is worked towards the goal of cessation of war and world peace and actively been engaged in peace-building projects based on its main initiatives – endorsement of global legislation of peace through international cooperation, alliance of religions through interfaith dialogues, and spreading a culture of peace through youth and women’s worldwide activities.

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