The Consequences of lingual Franca In Nigeria

by Pastor Okunorobo Kenneth (RRRM)


Lingual franca can be referred to as a single language that is universally accepted and spoken by Nations irrespective of ethnic, religious background. It is therefore a unifying factor that fosters peace, unity, love and development for nation building. In the absence of a generally accepted lingual franca in a nation with diverse ethnicity and religion, conflicts, war and tribal sentiment are inevitable. This is a practical demonstration of what the Holy Bible teaches in Genesis chapter 11.


In this scripture the whole world was united with one voice as a result of one single language that was only known by them, hence there was nothing impossible that they seek to accomplish what was not done. God decided to confuse their tongues by giving them different languages which eventually scattered their unity. There we could see that lack of unity brings about conflict that eventually results in war.


This has been one of the dividing factor that is responsible for the conflict that is generating often times in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country with more than five hundred different languages with ethnic background with an integrated lingual franca from her colonial master Great Britain, and the language is English. This lingual franca has not been able to unite the country based on its ethnic and religious diversity. The English language has been attributed to western culture with the biased mind of what has been associated with the Christian religion.


The Islamic religion with its officially recognized Arabic language is of more value to the Moslems especially to those from the northern region of Nigeria. The integration of a commonly accepted language WAZOBIA into the entity that comprises three major ethnic in Nigeria have suffered a lot of setback.


Therefore in my final analysis, i discover that the history of the Tower of Babel is at work in Nigeria.


I stand to be corrected.


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