The interest of Korea, to Europe for peace

by Igor Shevyrov(Ukraine)  

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To enlist the support of Europe in the interests of the Declaration of Peace and the Cessation of Wars (DPCW). This goal was promoted by the 27th international tour of the chairman of the South Korean organization HWPL Lee Man Hee, within which he visited five European countries (Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Romania). And we note the Korean interest is from the side of civil societies. In the long term, this can lay a solid foundation for European-Korean cooperation in the work to strengthen peace.
 First, the United Nations is currently actively working to prepare for the adoption of an international legal instrument based on the principles of the Declaration of Peace. It is very important that the influential countries of Europe express their support. No less important in this context was HWPL’s 28th international tour to New York, in which President Lee Man Hee met with many UN ambassadors. The legal status of DPCW could contribute to the “bright dream” of building peace throughout the world. As well, and the solution of a number of practical problems on individual conflicts.
Secondly, Seoul also has a more practical interest in supporting Europe. First of all, in the settlement of the conflict on the Korean peninsula. Especially, this is important now, when Trump’s intransigence in fact has stalled the relationship between Seoul and Washington. And the prospects for relations between Seoul and Tokyo are no less problematic. Given the long-standing significant differences in the interpretation of history, as well as the continuing relevance of territorial disputes.
Thirdly, Europe as a promising global player could play a more active role in the international arena. And it is on this count in South Korea.
 Ukraine has opened an international tour of HWPL in Europe.
Let’s note, for the first time Chairman Li Man Hui visited the country on the territory of the former post-Soviet space. As we see, in HWPL, which maintains relations with many CIS countries, Ukraine is associated with Europe. In addition, as a country that is a regional leader in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region.
HWPL is considering big plans for developing cooperation with Ukraine.
Ukraine has the capacity to ensure sustainable peace in Europe.
“If each of us goes towards peace, peace will be achieved in the entire international community. Our common goal is to unite and work together to build the world together, “is Lee Man Hui’s key message for Europe.
 Germany became the organizer of the Pan-European Peace Forum held in Frankfurt. At this forum, the importance of civil society initiatives was stressed. “The denuclearization and reintegration of Korea will become important and long-term contributions to international peace and security, will give powerful impulses to the spread of a culture of peace, and ultimately will put humanity one step closer to adhering to the fundamental principle of DPCW – the ban on the use of force by states,” public leaders Hans Kohler, representing the International Organization of Progress from Austria.
 “Two Koreas will be able to unite not only cooperation at the level of official governments, but also through the efforts of civil society,” Manfred Welker, representing the municipality of Frankfurt, expressed the dominant message at the forum.
 Romania organized a summit of former political leaders of Eastern Europe, which was held at the initiative of former Romanian President Emil Constantinescu. Since 2014, this “format” operates, designed to strengthen relations between countries after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Ukraine at the meeting in Bucharest was represented by former President Viktor Yushchenko.
 Sweden stressed the important role of the International Red Cross in conflict resolution.
Stockholm as a point of the European tour HWPL is natural.
The fact is that Sweden during the Korean War 1950/53 organized the first Red Cross field hospital. And in the subsequent post-conflict period, it takes an active part in the Neutral Nations Monitoring Commission (over the course of the conflict settlement). Recall, it was in Sweden that the first working consultations took place with the participation of the United States, Europe, and the North and South of Korea, which culminated in the recent Singapore summit of the United States and North Korea.
 Norway, organizing the Conference of Peace and Reconciliation HWPL, focused on protecting the rights and interests of refugees, as well as other people affected by armed conflict. Especially, attention was paid to the active involvement of young people in the work to strengthen peace.
“Youth can change the world. There is nothing impossible in the work for peace, it is necessary above all to have courage, “noted at the conference in Norway.
 Calls of South Korea to Europe sounded. But how much is Europe capable of (as a global player) playing an active role in the Korean settlement?
About this separately in the next article.


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