The Role of Peace in Our lives

by Mr. Saiid Toghly(Syria)





When talking about peace, we feel comfortable, calm and reconciled to ourselves. We feel inner joy reflected positively on the course of our daily lives. Peace is a word that contains many meanings, perhaps the most important of which is complete calm, tranquility and happiness. These qualities make a person live in a safe and secure world for his future and the future of his children in a world full of love, understanding, building and peace.

Peace is not a passing word, but peace is a way out of the crucible of hatred, cruelty and selfishness to the land of mercy, tenderness and a happy life.

We, as representatives and ambassadors of the peace bodies, must spread and teach the culture of peace everywhere we are. Peace itself is refusing to surrender to injustice, but injustice is being sought to become just in all parts of the world as there is no peace without peace because peace is the priority of peoples all over the world. Human regardless of color or race Odinh and whatever differences in opinion or geography of humanity is sufficient to unite and unite and dialogue is the only way to find formulas for the future of a bright future for all mankind. Whatever the differences between us, dialogue is also the best solution.

I believe that the culture of dialogue must be taught in all schools in the world and religious leaders must spread the culture of peace, love and the spirit of tolerance in every guidance or preaching event.

Let us fight together, and join together to build this world again with noble foundations and call for our highest voices, not weapons, no to violence, no to oppression.

Yes, peace. Yes, for freedom of expression. Yes for human rights. We are all one.


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