War and Religion

by Yan Ma, 中国草根文学杂志社(China)



It seems that we are living in a calm global village. However, tumultuous and intricate conflicts take place every day in such a large world population.

If we go through the current world pattern, there are so many causes for conflicts or wars: lack of natural resources; one country to take the controversial islands for the coastline territory from the other; to grab the land because of the unfair judgement of borders on two countries. Still another conflict happens within the countries themselves. Furious conflicts break out amid different parties because of the split of political proposition and status; the second important domestic issue of this kind is the religious wars caused by different faiths of different religious denominations. This is constantly taking place in some countries.





It is known to all that civil war in Syria has lasted for decades and it still continues till now. Because of this, the Syrian people are living in the abyss of suffering. Eight years ago, serious problems occurred in Syria related to economy and people’s livelihood. But the Syrian government did not take efficient measures to solve the conflicts, thus the conflicts upgraded to civil war. Many reasons are attributed to it, most of which come from outside conflicts. At least nine political powers got involved in this war. The whole nation is afflicted by the fire of war and more than 200,000 innocent civilians were killed.

So far, this war led by the government troops against the counter-government forces has lasted for 8 years. As a result, the debris of tall buildings can be seen everywhere in Syria. Shrouded in the smoke of war, the scenes are so cruel to describe. The war has struck the originally rich country into broken pieces and debris. The sight of it can remind you of the pristine society long ago. The Syrian government troops are facing exceedingly hard and changeable tasks although they triumphed at last. The government needs to be re-organized and civilian’s homeland needs to be rebuilt. Everything needs to be restored to its normal track. However, in some parts of Syria, local conflicts still break out occasionally.

When a country has its conflict, it is not advisable for the neighboring countries to get involved and complicate the problems which are not hard to solve at first. It is the same as making the matter even harder. The domestic conflicts would turn out to be a international war. Only the plain civilians take the bad consequence. They not only lose their warm family and peaceful environment, but also lose the lives of their young families. I have a question for the person who wages war: will you have peace in mind at the sight of so numerous soldiers died in the war? Will your conscience be blamed if you examine yourselves when the war has deprived the lives of so many households, leaving a land of ruins and rubble? Will you not feel that you are full of sins?

It is not terrible for a country to have its conflicts. The government can take reasonable and effective ways to solve them instead of using the force to deal with the vulnerable civilians. Although they are weak, their strength is like a sea. The sea water can carry a boat, but can also overthrow it (an old Chinese saying). The people who fall into the water can never get survived.





If a family goes well, then everything goes well. If the family members can not get along well with each other, the whole family would be bullied by people from the outside. The Syrian civil war has given us a deep lesson of this kind. The trigger for the war was at first very small if we look back to the time when it happened. However, the government did not tackle it properly and let it evolved into a disaster involving all the people beyond control. Later on, the government had to ask foreign powers to intervene,

What we refer to as the peace world is a world without wars among nations. When people across the globe come across common issues, each and everyone should shoulder the responsibility to help the weak countries. At this point, the Syrian government are facing the burden of rebuilding its homeland and needs the capable countries to lend a helping hand. In other words, to help Syria walk out of its difficulty and go back to its normal peaceful track with the hope of getting a stable home for every Syrian civilian sooner. War is demon! But as long as we pay efforts, take people’s interest first into account and value the national interest, we can one hundred percent avoid any war from happening.

The consequences and aftermath impact brought by split in religious faith are very serious. There are countless people in the world believing in Islamism, Christianity and Buddhism. Most of people in the world have their own beliefs. The belief is of no fault and everyone has the freedom to have faith. But people need to choose a religion which can truly help and guide their lives. There is an old saying which goes “One who stays near vermilion gets stained red, and one who stays near ink gets stained black.” It means that if you take the behavior of another person, you will become like him. The teacher will teach the apprentices the same as him.

With the development of society and the process of human history, the number of Christians are increasing constantly. Under this trend, the Christian doctrine ‘Bible’ also has different versions and contents. Meanwhile, Christianity are also separated into various denominations in different forms. These denominations all advocate theirs are authentic Christianity and call for their followers to oppose other denominations different from their own. If we let this issue go as it is, maybe someday people will become unclear of their faiths and inevitably have misunderstandings towards the authentic doctrines. To make it worse, a disaster may be invoked.

The followers of each denomination are accustomed to bringing their children to the church to listen to the pastor’s sermons. If this church is an authentic organization but not a heresy and this pastor also loves peace, kindness, friendship and proclaims justice and serves as a spokesman for God, the lives of followers will be improved. At least their souls will be protected and purified by God. This religion is helpful in both physical and mental health and really meets its principle of education and being kind to others. Religion should exert its deserved function of uniting all the believers to pray piously and confess their sins. So it is important to choose the right denomination. It can point out a road full of light for our lives. On the contrary, false religions will lead the believers into the terrible extreme. There are already many religious organizations in the world. However, the believers who have faith in Islamism have fought against those opponent organizations for decades and this religious war never ends through which lots of believers lost their lives.




Based on the religious difference, Christianity and Islamism all severely harmed each other for their benefits in history. Referencing the doctrines in Koran, Islamism prohibits committing suicide and killing others in wrong. But some terrorists are extremists who disguise themselves under the religious tenets and take the lead in waging wars. Any religion in the world teaches people to be kind in its tenet. However, a perverted religion degenerated from peace to extremes has its special history background and political factors. Islamism is a national complex which integrated politics with religion. It stands for its local party and country.

There are many cases about the religious wars caused by conflicts among religious denominations. So it requires us to seek an effective way to solve this conflict. We need to draft a unified international standard for religious practice and unify different scripture versions and different tenets so as to unify the believers’ideas. Only in this way can we thoroughly remove wars in any forms and protect the people in the global community from affliction of war, and the most important of all, make sure everyone has equal rights. We need to gather together different religious leaders and unified their ideas. It takes all of our efforts to research and draft an authentic “new scripture” featured by world peace to terminate the dispute among different religions and realize an everlasting stable world peace. Meanwhile, we should firmly oppose them to join in any heretic organizations in any forms so as to avoid war crisis.

The world needs peace. Each country should respect other nation’s sovereign rights and lives in harmony with each other. They should not bully the weak countries and be afraid of the strong powers. They should not covet and plunder resources of other countries and get on well with other countries like close brothers and sisters. Rich countries should teach their best experience and technologies to those under developed countries without asking any reward. They should also share their advanced technologies and experience with those member countries who are in need. We the global community should be like a true big family where we can help each other and share a great deal of information with each other. We only do those things beneficial to the global community and try our efforts to take everyone’s task and responsibility to wipe out wars and poverty! We should walk towards a wonderful future together.

We expect and believe our representative Lee Man Hee to solve religious wars under his great leadership and perseverance. It needs great courage and ability to dissolve all kinds of wars endangering world peace. I admire deep in my heart Mr Lee’s personal glamour and courage to overcome challenges as well as his talents and wisdom!

It is my lifetime honor to know and participate in such a loving and selfless organization! I will show my sincerity to and work hard for it!


Yan Ma wrote in Gyeonggi-do on July, 30,2018.




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