Women’s rights activists against violence on women

by Mahendra Bam, Radio Daily Mail(Nepal) 



Women rights activists agitated Dhangadhi, Mahendra bomb, Sun 20 – Women’s rights activists have been agitated while the state government is an indicator while the violence against women is increasing. Today, in the movement, women activists demonstrated protest against sitting at the earliest for an hour before the Chief Minister’s office. Women of the UCPN-M, Vimakhkham, Bhimdutt Municipality of Kanchanpur, have been killed after raping after 11 rape, women have been forced to fear fear and fear of the people. They have a tendency to continue the movement until they are brought into account of criminal proceedings. The Chief Minister’s office was playing forty hours for the next time, and the women’s rights activists who were opposed to the protest. The women’s rights activists said that the state government has been lodging an hour before the Chief Minister’s Office on Monday, saying that the state government has become a Mukhrabaram while the incidents of violence and rape in the state are increasing. Women’s rights activists have been agitated due to lack of equal representation in the representation and leadership of the women in the higher position in the country. Engineer Ved Awasthi of Women’s Singles Women’s Association for Maghav’s rights. They are demanding that the people who are involved in the rape activities of rape and those who are involved in political conservation should also be taken away from political conservation. According to the law enforcement, Vinu Ranaana, ORE, who is now being punished for criminal offenses, should be punished for life imprisonment. Women rights activists including staged Aadanon programs have been made public against women’s violence and rape incidents everyday. The district president of the Dalit Women Association, Ram Sujapati, told the government that environment should be freely live. Women’s rights activist, central member of the human rights guard and district president Nirmala Bagchand said that the perpetrators of the movement continue till the guilty action is taken. In the last three months alone, 25 accused of rape, 15 rape attempts and three were raped in the state even after being raped by the state government.

Although the rights activists are involved, the National Human Rights Commission has not commented on this. State Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatt said that the perpetrators would come to legal limits soon.

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