World Peace Day

world peace day


On the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Peace, which falls on September 21 of each year, where the UN General Assembly dedicated this history to the promotion of the ideals of peace in nations and peoples and between them, the message of the Bahraini Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, The foundation of peace and stability in the world in light of the many dangers facing it, foremost among which is the spread of terrorism, extremism and violence, and the negative effects it has on the security and stability of the people and on the survival of the state and its cohesion, which necessitates mobilizing efforts and joining together in a collective organized framework that avoids this mucus and conflicts by, and strengthens the foundations of world peace and international cooperation on the other.


It should be noted that the vision demanded by the Bahraini Prime Minister is based on several basic principles that can’t be achieved without international campaigns or regional efforts in the face of terrorist threats, which can be said that these pillars are necessary conditions can’t be achieved without it, these are cornerstones in several elements as follows:

  1. not true what some may think that the financing of terrorist organizations in order to achieve the objectives of him to the other party will continue to be the effect of this far from established by organizations, but the growing waves of terrorism and the widening scope of the target and its turf, Will inevitably lead to the erosion of the embrace Terrorism is the greatest threat to the present and future of humanity in the absence of a spirit of tolerance and the domination of the language of interests over the movements of some international powers over many issues and conflicts.
  2.  If the rise of terrorism and extremist ideology in many regions and countries, is a direct and explicit threat to the aspirations of peoples in the development and prosperity, the confrontation requires the adoption of an integrated strategy focused on the human right to life and peace as an inherent sacred right, confirmed by all heavenly laws from Peace is a noble humanitarian value for the good of mankind, and it should not be neglected so that man can reconstruct and preserve the land, which proves that Islam is innocent, which some people try to falsely and falsely embrace.
  3. The success of any efforts to combat terrorism requires respect for international law and the principles and norms underpinning this law, foremost of which is the commitment to the international principle enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, namely that the sovereignty of states must be respected and that there should be no interference in their affairs.
  4. Dialogue and negotiation shall remain the most appropriate and appropriate mechanism for the settlement of internal, regional and international conflicts, provided that the dialogue is without preconditions or requirements by one party. This is evidenced by the success of the national dialogue in the Kingdom in its first round under the firm vision of the Government Bahrain in dealing with the crisis that hit the country during the month of February and March 2011.
  5. reaching comprehensive settlements of the causes of the conflict in the Middle East, especially the Palestinian issue, is the main point of peace in the region, which has suffered a lot and is still unstable.


This vision represents a strategy that is integrated in dimensions and dimensions if the whole world is to consolidate the value of peace between its countries and peoples. The vision bases are the practical steps and mechanisms that can be put into practice by the strategy. This is what distinguishes the Bahraini vision towards the issue of world peace and the efforts exerted by the government and the people of the Kingdom In order to spread the culture of peace, security and cooperation between different peoples, taking into account that the success of the Kingdom in this field stems from the internal success achieved by the Bahraini government headed by Prince Khalifa bin Salman when it made the Bahraini interior homogeneous unit away from terrorism or Violence or murder only a handful of criminals, terrorists, the owners of foreign agendas and sectarian affiliations and sectarianism.


In this sense, if the world wants this year’s slogan, which carries “the right of peoples in peace” to be applied, it should be the starting point of the vision put forward by the Bahraini Prime Minister, especially that the introduction of this vision at this time has another indication of the extent The attention paid by Prince Khalifa bin Salman to the value of peace and security. We find that it is one of the few officials who remembered this day and sent a message to the whole world in a way that confirms the entrenchment of the value of peace and its roots in its conscience. The constant guiding in its administration is its adoption of peace and security. The establishment of a modern democratic state.

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