Youth and World Peace


“If I get 1,000 parents, I will root out Mt. Semer. If I get 10 youths, I will shake the world. 1,000 parents can dream while 1 youth can change the world.” – Soekarno, the president of Indonesia


If we interpret president’s word, it means that most of the people are not good enough to turn one country into a developed country. What President Soekarno meant was that he thinks highly of skilled and outstanding youths who can face the world rather than most of the peoples. 


Currently, youths are considered as the cornerstone of building and developing peace in the future. Youths have the power to achieve world peace as the mind for youth to live together with others and understand each other is the possibility toward peace.


We think that youths, who are creative and renovative, have lots of chances to take part in activities for world peace. Though, there are only a few youths who acknowledge their strategic position for peace. That’s why there is a need for youth international forum that can enlighten youth about their strategic position and the importance of participation in peace.


Power of Peace

At the General Assembly, on 23 March 2015 Former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon talked about the role of youth in dealing with extremism and promoting peace, and he said that youth needs to create opportunities rather than danger.


He also mentioned that extremists are strategically recruiting youth. So, youth have a possibility to solve the matter by becoming ‘the power for peace.’ 


Secretary General Ban said that youth can become ones who do violence or victims or ones who long for peace, and emphasized the role of youth at the negotiating table. As youth are heirs to the world, they can become a power of peace.


Peace Messenger

Retno L.P. Marsudi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that 18 million youth are the peace meditator for young generations. They account for one-to fourth of world population and have global power through social media.


In addition, he said that there are three things needed for youth to become peace messengers: first is the education which is the key to peace, second is consistent interest toward them and the last one is that we all should have a mindset of building peaceful community.


He suggested holding an international-level forum in order to promote the role of youth as a diplomatic policy.


Indonesia is the biggest country in Southeast Asia and there are many youth. The number of youth between 16 and 30 is 62,000,000 and accounts for 24 % of the whole population of Indonesia, two hundred fifty millions.


Youth who account for 25% of Indonesia population will become assets that can understand, solve the matter.


Indonesia will become sovereign nation sovereign nation sovereign nation sovereign nationa sovereign nationsovereign nation that will practice peace, freedom and social justice based on a global order centering youth for world peace.


This is a challenge and opportunity at the same time for Indonesia. We will assign youth responsibility so that youth would contribute themselves to peace and civilization.


Youth should know that they have tremendous value that can decide the life and death of their nations.


They need to spread positive values of life and everyday affairs through their thought and daily lives and also play an active role in facing the challenge and conflicts of world peace.

That is why it is very strategic to collaborate with international organizations:  Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG)


HWPL has built relationships with nations and other organizations to promote peace culture and cessation of wars through education and diplomacy as well as encouraged human rights and dialogues between religions for sustainable development in order to build a better world.


I appreciate being able to participate in Peace Media Platform which transcends nation, race and religion as part of an ongoing effort.  Peace Media platform should look over news and articles which can contribute to peacebuilding and deliver the message easily to maximize the potential of realizing world peace.

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